MSXdev23 sponsoring – RBSC MultiMapper cartridge

MSX calamar hands over a MultiMapper cartridge to provide an easy way to load ROMs to the MSX system

Play any ROM game using a host cartridge

A standard MSX has at least one cartridge slot available, which is ideal to plug a game ROM cartridge in, and start playing moments after the machine is switched on – no loading required. With the RBSC MultiMapper cartridge, any desired ROM can be mounted in such fashion. This device makes booting up games easy and fast! A specimen of it is now added to the MSXdev23 Winners-Loot-Box, by courtesy of MSX Calamar.

Sized as a Konami-style game cartridge, the MultiMapper can host ROM files ready to engage on a real MSX machine. By “flashing”, a .ROM file to the cart, the file is persistently available at boot-time in a jiffy. Flashing such a ROM file to the device is easily done via available DOS tools. The MultiMapper, like its name suggests, supports multiple mapper types like Konami4 and Konami5 (SCC), ASCII8, and ASCII16. Besides that, the MultiMapper also has a mode where data is presented as a raw 64kb block.

The MultiMapper device schematic was designed in 2017 by the Russian Bear Service Crew (RBSC), for any-one to build their own version. A great hardware project initiative, which includes a simple approach using only a few components and can be produced at low cost. The included firmware is upgradable if needed. Germán Díaz of MSX Calamar took that design, crafted a complete 512KB version with permission of RBSC, and gifted it to MSXdev for the Winners-Loot-Box.

The Spanish based MSX Calamar delivers MSX accessories for anyone who’s in need of an MSX upgrade, or expansion, to extend the life of this wonderful 8-bit machine.

Think of adaptations for PC floppy drives to the MSX standard, cables to connect the MSX to modern screens, or other devices, and the PSX2MSX, which makes PlayStation controllers compatible with MSX systems. You’ll likely find MSX Calamar at the next MSX user meeting near you, to service your MSX needs even more.

Thanks so much for your donation, MSX Calamar!

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