MSXdev23 sponsoring – Tecnobytes Slot Expander II

With the MSX Slot Expander II from Tecnobytes you can extend the system up to four extra cartridge slots

Adding hardware extensions on the fly

The MSX cartridge slot system is ideal for adding extra hardware to extend the capabilities of the machine. Depending on the model, it might have one or two of those slots. In case that doesn’t suit your needs, Tecnobytes offer a nice solution to that problem. Their MSX Slot Expander II adds more slots for more hardware to attach. Now, this device is added to the MSXdev Winners-Loot-Box!

The Brazilian retro hardware company Tecnobytes delivers a steady quality of products to the MSX scene, with their slot expander being no exception. This device can save you a lot of trouble connecting multiple hardware extensions to your 8-bit friend. With the ease of plugging in the expander you gain up to four more cartridge slots to add even more hardware.

This particular MSX Slot Expander is the latest evolution of the Tecnobytes slot expander series. Housed in a true MSX styled blue color, it offers four slots, each with a switch to enable it. On top of that, it comes with per-slot volume knobs to adjust the sound output values, leaving you ready to rock. The device runs on an external power supply and connects via a flat cable to a host cartridge (all included) which can be plugged into the existing MSX slot. The MSX Slot Expander II can house even the largest known MSX cartridges.

All in all, a fine piece of electronics that extends the joy of using your MSX computer for many more years to come.

Thanks so much for your donation, Tecnobytes!

Find out more great classic computer hardware at the Tecnobytes website, as there are more treasures to be found.