MSXdev24 sponsoring – Carnivore 2+

The Carnivore 2+ is a unique multi functional cartridge to expand any MSX with

The one cartridge to rule them all

The Russian Bear Service Crew (RBSC) is sliding a copy of their popular Carnivore 2+ cartridge in the MSXdev24 Winners-Loot-Box. This multi–functional cartridge offers a wide range of MSX supported hardware like RAM, Storage, and soundchips.

The RBSC group has been a favorite player in the scene since 2015, by building exceptional MSX hardware. Their products ranging from RAM extensions, to soundcards, videoboards, multi mappers, and a upgrade kits. The Carnivore series are the highlight in their catalogue. Besides creating own hardware, they even allow the development plans to be used by others, with permission.

In the winners-lot-box you will find their latest Carnivore incarnation, dubbed the Carnivore 2+. A monster of a cartridge that fits in any MSX computer, giving you CF and/or SD external storage solutions, 2MB of RAM, an 8MB flash ROM and sound emulation for PSG, Dual-PSG, Konami SCC and SCC+, SN7 (SN76489AN), MSX-Music and SFG. With an up-gradable firmware, future upgrades are virtual unlimited. A true monster indeed.

If in need of cool hardware, like the Carnivore 2+, don’t hesitate to visit the RBSC website and get your hands on MSX coolness. Thank you very much, Russian Bear Service Crew, for sponsoring the dev with this wonderful device!