MSXdev23 sponsoring – Sony HB-F1-II MSX2 computer

It’s a Sony MSX2 computer – sponsored by sdsnatcher73

For the 23th edition of MSXdev, hardware seller sdsnatcher73 donates a Sony HB-FLII MSX2 computer.

Hardware seller sdsnatcher73 is once again at the party, delivering a fully functional Sony HB-F1-II MSX2 computer to the winners-loot-box of MSXdev23. That’s a mighty fine and sweet looking machine there…and yeah, it’s a Sony.

In the glory days of MSX existence, where about every smart manufacturer jumped on that train to build their own version of this 8-bit wonder, the Japanese company Sony was one of the major players, delivering a multitude of different models to the table. From MSX1 to MSX2 and MSX 2+ computer, they had it all. The Sony HitBit brand machines where all good looking machines as well. The Sony HB-F1-II is one of those beauties. And we have one for you.

This Sony MSX2, sponsored and delivered by sdsnatcher73, has been brushed of, cleaned-up, recapped, has its firmware removed, and is powered with its original power supply. The HitBit machine comes with 64KB of RAM, and 128KB of VRAM, ren-sha turbo, a pause button, two external cartridge slots, and a QWERTY keyboard with added Japanese character set.

Thank you very much, sdsnatcher73 for this marvelous piece of MSX hardware, awesome.

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