MSXdev23 #27 Phenix Corrupta

Title: Phenix Corrupta
Genre: Metroidvania/Horror themed action adventure
Author(s): Casper Croes
Medium: ROM (ASCII8) 512KB
Hardware requirements: MSX2

With Phenix Corrupta, Casper Croes debuts on MSX with a horror-themed action adventure game. Lead the lady through tough times in hell, and cross the river Styx to get out.

Hell ain’t such a bad place to be, according to some. Dante’s 9 rings of Inferno might change that point of view, given the horror and pain described. According to the story of this game, you somehow crossed over, and ended up in there. Indeed, it turned out to be absolute hell. Navigate your way out, collecting items, beating dark foes and finding unexplored paths.

In this metroidvania styled exploration game for MSX2, you’ll find yourself running in circles soon enough, wondering if you’ll ever find your way out. With only your keyboard, joystick/gamepad at your disposal, you’ll need to investigate and find all the secrets of this game on your own.

note: Make sure to select ASCII8 as ROM type on emulators.

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