MSXdev21 sponsoring – Dust Covers

Custom made MSX dust covers – sponsored by David F. Gisbert “TroMax”

The Winners Loot Box got covered up with dust covers

From Spain we received MSX dust covers to give away to any winner that needs his or her machine kept clean. The Winners Loot Box has five of these items inside.  

Keeping your precious 8-bit wonder in perfect and shiny condition, is a job of its own. As these 30+ years old machines keep aging, we see keyboards turn to yellow and filled up with dust. Not a pretty sight. To prevent that, cover the system up with one of David’s custom made dust covers. Simple and elegant.

The covers are antistatic, elastic, made of dust and sunlight repellant fabric, and are fully washable. The MSXdev21 covers are MSX turbo R sized, since it is the most common and it fits on about 20 MSX models as well.

There are five of these dust covers in the winners loot box for any winner to pick.

The dust covers are custom made and sponsored by David F. Gisbert “TroMax”. If you are in need for a dust cover yourself, just contact David on