MSXdev24 sponsoring – SX|2 MSX FPGA

The SX|2 is a future-proof MSX FPGA for the years to come

A modern hardware retro system

The MSXdev24 competition features a prize in its winners-loot-box that retro computing enthusiasts will love: the SX|2 by hardware experts 8bits4ever. This FPGA-based MSX clone is not just a piece of modern hardware; it’s a time machine that runs all MSX software as if it were on the original equipment with the magic of hardware emulation.

Ever since the One-Chip-MSX (OCM) was introduced, the MSX got a future proof hardware alternative that runs native MSX software as if it was the real thing. The 8bits4ever SX|2 is a second generation FPGA MSX, descendant of that same OCM. It is build around an Altera Cyclone IV, compatible with KdL OCM firmware.

This hardware encompasses all the features anticipated from contemporary technology; it’s a fully operational MSX computer system enhanced with additional features that elevate it. It boasts an internal 1MB RAM, a micro SD slot, built-in sound generators such as PSG, MSX-Music, SCC+, and a variety of external connectors for connecting both retro and modern hardware including 3 cartridge slots. Additionally, it has switchable turbo modes. This MSX replica is sure to impress. And it comes encased in a 3D printed semi-transparent housing.

It’s a fantastic gesture from 8bits4ever to include such an impressive piece of hardware in our prize collection. Their online shop features a variety of items beyond the SX|2, including sound cartridges, slot expanders, mappers, and more. Explore 8bits4ever’s offerings and marvel at their hardware. A heartfelt thanks to 8bits4ever for their support!

Note that the SX|2’s younger sibling, the SX|E, is expected to be released soon and may be included in the loot box instead.