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MSXdev21 Results – the verdict is in!

The MSXdev21 edition, running from January 2021 until September 2021, has resulted in 34 registered games. A record in MSXdev history! And now, the jury has come to a conclusion, so here are the results of MSXdev21. First place, winner of MSXdev21, with a total score of 88 points is […]

MSXdev21 #34 – Arya

Title: Arya Genre: Puzzle Author: André Baptista ROM size: 16KB Registered: 20210831 Arya is a puzzle game, inspired by the classic SEGA title “Columns”. A game from Brazil written completely in C language, with all sources available. The goal is to remove pieces by putting at least 3 blocks of […]

MSXdev21 #30 – PAC-01

A certain round yellow guy, who’s probably the most iconic video game character ever, makes his entrance in ARC8’s recent MSX game called “PAC-01”. That’s right, it is Pac-Man himself that makes waves in the world’s fastest dot eating game.