MSXdev21 sponsoring – Darky stereo ePSG soundcard

Darky enhanced stereo PSG cartridge – sponsored by Supersoniqs

The stereo ePSG soundcard with effect processor “Darky” just filled up the Winners Loot Box.

From Dutch retro hard- and software makers Supersoniqs, we received their new 6-channel PSG board for any winner to loot. This device is backwards compatible with the existing MSX PSG sound chip and has a mixer and sound effects onboard. Darky takes your ordinary PSG to the next level, for sure.

The enhanced PSG sound cartridge is a real magician when it comes to that typical MSX-sound. It has two General Instruments AY8930 sound processors, which an successor of the AY-3-8910. The processor has two different operating modes, one is AY-3-8910 compatible, and the other one is the enhanced mode.

The specs:

  • 2 x AY-8930
  • separate envelope per channel
  • variable duty cycles
  • more bits of precision for note frequency
  • volume and envelope frequency
  • a much better configurable noise generator
  • a stereo mixer including treble, bass, equalizing and 3d stereo spatializing
  • a SPIN FX-1 Effect processor, which has fixed effects such as echo, reverb, flange, chorus, both stereo line output and headphone output , and an external input

Supersoniqs calls this MSX extension “Darky“, but we’d like to just call it “Monster”. Cuz, what a beast it is! Just hear the thing in action on The YouTube channel of YoughkidCST MSX World.

We hope to see some 6-channel PSG supporting games next year in the freestyle MSXdev22 edition!

This item was added to the Winners Loot Box by Supersoniqs, and comes in a jewel box with manual. For more information or products visit the Supersoniqs web shop.