MSXdev21 Jury Announcement

It is with honor and pride that we introduce the jury panel for the game contest! The jury will judge all MSXdev’21 entries on Gameplay, Graphics, Sound, Polish and Originality. This year’s panel is seated by five different jurors, each one concentrating on their own expertise, who will be judging one of the five categories. Given points per category can vary from 1 (worst) to 5 (best) adding up to a total of maximum 25 points per game.

So, without further delay, this edition’s jurors are:

Jury MemberCategory
Cas Cremers (Parallax)Gameplay
Richard Cornelisse (huey)Graphics
Hans Cnossen (Kid Cnoz)Sound
Bart van Velzen (norakomi)Polish
Tony Cruise (Electric Adventures)Originality


Cas Cremers

Back in 1989, Cas Cremers founded the MSX software company Parallax, being a teenager at the time. Taking on the roles as lead coder, graphics artist, music composer as well as main game planner/designer, he created quite the impressive catalogue of MSX games, all of which had one thing in common; to push the MSX to its limits. Titles such as “Vectron”, “Arc”, “Blade Lords”, and “Akin” were some of those gems, to name some of them. Cas will have a critical look at this year’s gameplay. As we remember him being a true jack of all trades, we think he’s the perfect candidate for the job.

Richard Cornelisse

Dutch retro-computer-software developer Richard Cornelisse is the judge of everything concerning graphics for this year’s edition. Under the alias Trilobyte-MSX he operates on different retro machines, MSX of course being one of them. Richard is known for developing the highly anticipated music tracker called TriloTracker, but has also worked on some amazing game projects, notably “Deep Dungeon”, which won first place in MSXdev’08. Welcome to the team, Richard.

Hans Cnossen

Introduced by demo group Fuzzy Logic as “Kid Cnoz”, Hans stepped into the MSX scene with his typical original and humorous approach to compositions and arrangements. Showing off his skills with SCC, FM and later OPL4 tunes, he has written a good dozen of tracks for several projects. Living on pep pills to keep up, he wrote not only for the mentioned group Fuzzy Logic, but also for game developers like Element and Umax. We’re excited to have Hans on board to judge sound for this year’s edition.

Bart van Velzen

Bart van Velzen is a game developer that has amazed the MSX scene with fast paced, technically impressive action titles “Manbow 2” and “Deva”. Also, he’s known for being an MSX game enthusiast in general and quite the multi-talent. With the help of the community, Bart not only taught himself to code in Assembly in record time, but has also shown to be a more than capable graphics artist, musician and game designer. With those credentials under his sleeve, he will be taking on the job of judging the polishing of the MSXdev’21 entries.

Tony Cruise

With a bag full of expertise on retro games on several platforms, Tony Cruise takes up the final seat in the jury panel. In the eighties, under the name Electric Adventures, Tony put together a number of professionally published titles. These days, he’s not only programming retro software, but also uses his alias to discuss retro machines as well as games on his Electric Adventure channel, showing off his ultimate man cave. If you’d ask us, Tony is the perfect member to judge MSXdev’21 entries on their originality, and so he will. We couldn’t be more excited.


We, the MSXdev Team, are extremely proud to have these experts on board. We wish them good luck, a lot of fun and trust in their wisdom in taking on the ever hard task of jury duty.