We would like to know your opinion about MSXdev’17

Hi there, guys. The MSXDev Team is back on track preparing the next edition of your favorite MSX development contest.

We have talked about changes, mainly the rules, but also the jury, the final reports, etc. and decided we would like you to participate actively, giving your opinion about certain aspects so we can design the new route map for MSXdev’17.

MSXdev'17 logo (small, transparent)

So please, go ahead. Become an active part of the contest and feel free to leave your comments below.


First, we’ve been thinking about having two different categories:

  1. MSX Classic: no expansions of any kind, just a first generation MSX as it was conceived
  2. MSX No Limits: as the name suggests, no limit at all. Feel free to use whatever you want


There will be prizes only for the first, second and third places in each category. Donations are welcome and we’ll open a PayPal account especially for the contest.


Actually donating to the contest will be rewarded, depending on the donated amount, with goodies such as game cartridges, SD cards, t-shirts, stickers, posters, etcetera.


  • Start of the contest: January 1st 2017
  • Deadline for entries: October 1st 2017
  • Jury reports: From October 5th until November 25th. Also a public poll will be open on the MSXdev website
  • Final results: December 1st


Apart from the jury deliberations, we will open a poll at www.msxdev.org in order to let people vote for their favorite game from the contest.

Bear in mind that this poll will only be open to users that sign up before October 5th 2017. So if you want to vote, sign up before that date.

The polls will be taken into account for a prize named “MSX Popularity Prize” that marks the best game of the contest chosen by the MSX community.


The jury will again be chosen from veterans among the MSX community worldwide. Their names will be announced before the entries deadline on the MSXdev website.


And if you’re still wondering; yes, there’ll be an MSXdev contest next year. The contest will open on January 1st.

But, before we do so, we want to know your thoughts.

  • Would you like the contest to have two different categories; MSX Classic and MSX No Limits?
  • Do you agree with our plans regarding the prizes and rewards for donations?
  • Should we once again assign expert jury members for each aspect of the development?
  • Is there desire for a “popular vote”, meaning that the community can vote on their favorite game?
  • Could there be anything we could have missed and which you like to see about the contest?

Which ever you decide, the MSXdev team wishes you happy holidays and a splendid 2017!