MSXdev21 Jury Announcement

It is with honor and pride that we introduce the jury panel for the game contest! The jury will judge all MSXdev’21 entries on Gameplay, Graphics, Sound, Polish and Originality. This year’s panel is seated by five different jurors, each one concentrating on their own expertise, who will be judging […]

MSXdev’21 kicks off!

BAM! Just like that, the new MSXdev kicks off. This popular comp, which has been running since 2003, enters its 17th edition already. For the guts and the glory, you are welcome to join. So coders, on your marks please! The annual MSXdev compo ain’t no stranger to MSX regulars. […]

MSXdev’20: #19 – Chambers of Thyrea

Name of the game: Chambers of Thyrea Game size: 32Kb RAM size requirements: 16Kb Genre: Sokoban-like puzzle Name of the individual involved: Spacesugar What an amazing MSXdev edition this year.Another title comes crashing through the gates as if it’s nothing, right before the deadline. And it’s quite a big deal, […]

MSXdev’20: #18 – Freedom Fighter

Name of the game: Freedom Fighter – Rise of The Humans Game size: 128Kb (ASCII 16 mapper) RAM size requirements: 16KB Genre: Shoot-’em-up Names of the individuals involved: Code: Pintus Giuseppe Ettore, aka Geppo, aka thegeps. Music and sound effects: Phaze101. Everyone frequenting the forums at the MSX Resource Center […]

MSXdev’20: #17 – Anchors Aweigh

Name of the game: Anchors Aweigh Game size: 160Kb (megarom, K5 mapper) RAM size requirements: 16KB Genre: Puzzle Names of the individuals involved: Manuel Martínez Another surprise entry, that’s based on the classic “Battleship” tabletop game. You know, where you have to guess the positions of the ships in your […]

MSXdev’20: #01 – Dot Attack

Name of the game: Dot Attack Size: 32KB RAM size requirements: 8KB Genre: Action Name of the group involved: N.O.P. Name of people involved: Maarten Loor Stephan Smetsers WLCracks Mark Verhappen Reindert Franke Any other information or related media that you’d like to share: Released at Beuningen 2020. Website address: […]

PWND 3 announced

The classic, tried and tested “Snake” game concept is still beloved by gamers of young and old age.Even MSXdev got a few visits from mister Snake.Apart from “Los Jardines de Zee Wang Zu” in MSXdev’06, the eighth issue of the MSXdev contest saw a fun little variant as well: “PWND“.Of […]

MSXdev’17 #04 – Tales of Popolon

Category: MSX Classic Name of the game:Tales of Popolon Game size / RAM size: 32KB ROM / 16KB RAM Game genre: Adventure Name of the group: Santiago Ontañón (Brain Games) Contact e-mail: santi.ontanon AT Santi Ontañón enters the contest with Tales of Popolon, a surprising raycasting game for first generation MSX machines. We take […]