MSXdev’17 is over, time to meet the winners! 5

The time has come. The most awaited results are here, we have the winners for MSXdev’17 contest!

We would like to thank all the participants in the contest, and also extend our gratitude to all the jury members for their work and of course, we highly appreciate all the supporters and donators. Thanks to all of you guys, MSXdev is still alive!

Now is the time to congratulate the winners of the contest:

XSpelunker in the MSX Classic category

ΧΙ∧∃Χ (Zevimodoki) in the MSX Freestyle category

Both deserve the highest recognition for being the best games according to our jury.

And finally, the MSX Community Prize goes both to XSpelunker and Draconic Throne since they received the same amount of votes in the poll.

We hope that you enjoy these 10 games, and ofcourse that you will keep enjoying MSX, no matter what.

We look forward to seeing all of you again in the next MSXdev edition. Stay tuned!

Relevant link: MSXdev’17 final report

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5 thoughts on “MSXdev’17 is over, time to meet the winners!

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      MSXdev Team

      Dear Nobuaki, first of all, thank you for your contributions and your support.
      It indeed seemed to be an error. Thanks for pointing it out – it should have been Draconic Throne, and it has now been corrected.

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    Wohoo!!! Thanks a lot guys!!! Really happy that people liked XSpelunker!!!!! And thanks a lot one more time to the organizers, the competition is definitively a huge motivation booster to create new games! 😀

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    Oh, quick thing, I noticed a small little error in the results table, Gryzor gave a 9 in sound to XSpelunker, but the table has an 8 🙂

    (nothing important, of course, but I thought I’d mention it, hahaha)

    Again, thanks a lot for organizing this, and thanks a lot to all the judges and people who voted, this is my first time participating in the MSXDev, and it has been a great experience!! Will definitively be back next year! :D:D:D

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    Great result.

    I like MSXdev’17 to create freestyle category.
    MSXdev’17 was a very enjoyable and good experience for me.
    I hope that a lot of good games will be announced next year.

    Sweet Punch is not a good game, but..
    Thank you for playing. 🙂