MSXdev’17 #01 – SKULLrs

The first entry for MSXdev’17 contest that we are proud to share with you!!!

  • Name of the game: SKULLrs
  • Name of the group: digiconcrete
  • Game size / RAM size requirements for the game: 16 Kb
  • Game genre: Arcade
  • Contact e-mail: digiconcrete AT

A minimalistic game made in MSX-BASIC. Works well with keyboard or joystick in any port.

ARPEGION V, the last ship from the ARPEGION project.

Designed to absorb the devastating rays that SKULLrs ships are shooting from a parallel universe…

It has the ability to bend the space-time continuum.

It has just entered the SKULLrs’’universe… ARCNOTRON.

It must intercept all MEGA-TRACER rays… Delay something… It is EARTH’s last hope…

Warning! An antimatter leak in the MEGA-TRACER energy absorption system has caused a breakdown. Now the ARPEGION V ship remains in a space-time loop.

The SOLAR SYSTEM’s defenses have already fallen…

SKULLrs’ invasion is imminent.

Stop them.