MSXdev23 sponsoring – MSX USB stick

A set of unique USB sticks with the MSX logo and colors from the File-Hunter

Modern storage with retro caption

Created to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the MSX, The File-Hunter sticks three USB storage devices into the winners-loot-box. A unique MSX gadget to have, to cherish, and to fill with nothing but 8-bit goodness – like MSXdev games.

Once a member of the nineties demo-scene group Fony, The File-hunter keeps the legacy going on via the webs. Known for hosting a slew of MSX indie games to play online using WebMSX, his web site is one to come back to on a daily basis. Yes, all MSXdev games can be played there, too. Besides that, The File-Hunter also keeps a good record of software preservation on his site.

Very active in the community, The File-Hunter recently presented his latest creation; a 128GB USB stick with the MSX logo, in full MSX standard colors. Three of those ended up in our winners-loot-box, curtesy of the hunter himself. Yes, sir! Thank you very much!

If you want to get your hands on this unique USB stick yourself, visit the upcoming MSXgoto40 event later this year. They will be there for sale. In all other cases, visit for the ultimate retro mancave feeling yourself. (don’t tell the wife)