MSXdev23 #15 Eggy’s Maze

Title: Eggy’s Maze
Genre: Puzzle
Author(s): Jacco Bikker
Medium: ROM 48KB
Hardware requirements: MSX2

In the vein of Eggerland, the 15th jam entry called Eggy’s Maze has you puzzle your way to find missing eggs. An MSX2 based game from Dutchman Jacco Bikker that promises to keep you busy for the next couple of hours.

With this year’s free-style edition, where games for every MSX generation are allowed, we do see more entries following that recipe. This game is intended to run on MSX2 or higher, using some unique MSX2 features like the use of the battery powered memory to save progress, for example.

The player needs to solve a playfield which scrolls vertically, with 30 screens in total to solve. Collect the scattered eggs in the field, using wit and logic to take the right approach. Do be careful when you found all eggs, an alarm is raised and guards will prevent you to progress to the exit.

Use either CURSOR keys of joystick to move in any direction. When all hope is gone, press the F1 key to restart the current field or the ESCAPE key to exit to the title screen. To replay a field use the CTRL key. The game runs in 60Hz monitor mode, but pressing the GRAPH key while booting will force a 50Hz mode. As said, the game will automatically save progress in the system memory, allowing you to a easily resume of your game. This game also lets you continue with a password system.

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