MSXdev22 #31 Lilly’s Saga – The Stones of Evergreen

Title: Lilly’s Saga – The Stones of Evergreen
Genre: Platform
Author(s): Fabulous 8bit
Medium: ROM 1,2MB
Hardware requirements: MSX2, MSX-Music

There’s nothing weird, let alone unwelcome, about a young girl getting up to a challenge and swinging a mean sword to defend her village. In the MSX2 platformer action game Lilly’s Saga, you will retrieve some stolen gems while exploring strange new worlds.

With a size of over 1MB, this MegaROM packs some potention to have you entertained for quite a while. Better reserve some drinks and cookies while booting this one on your 8-bit wonder machine, for it is going to be a ride. Fluent gameplay, maps filled to the brim with hidden secrets, smooth scrolling colorful screens and an elaborate soundtrack will be your share.

You play as Lilly, the titular mythical heroine, hailing from the legendary Evergreen Village. She’s pitted against the evil Lord Abaddon, who has stolen four magical and sacred gem stones from the village, and our heroine is up to the task of getting them back. On your journey to salvation, pay attention and look for hidden bonus levels and treasure chests which have content that will prove to be quite helpful. You will crave them for sure, as hostile creatures will block every path you’re about to take.

A note from the author: “Please play this game on real hardware. If that doesn’t work for you, use openMSX, for it has the most accurate MSX emulation scheme.”

You’ll find more information about the game at its dedicated site.

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