MSXdev23 #24 Tenebra 2

Title: Tenebra 2
Genre: Puzzle
Author(s): Haplo
Medium: ROM 32KB
Hardware requirements: MSX1, 8KB

Tenebra 2 is an atmospheric puzzle game that will test your wits and your courage. This sequel to the original Tenebra appears exclusively in the MSXdev23 compo, for you to enjoy.

Quite recently, game developer Haplo showed up with his creation Tenebra on multiple platforms. Presented in stylish black and white, it’s a game that got sparkling reviews. Just this year, an MSX version was introduced as well. Today, the author enters the MSXdev with a sequel to that game, aptly called Tenebra 2. Featuring the same set-up but expanding upon it, you’ll need to puzzle your way out of the dark.

You play as the “Tenebra Guy”, the hapless protagonist who has been trapped in a mysterious underground labyrinth. Being afraid of the dark, his view is limited unless the areas are illuminated. Dim parts can be made visible by using objects like torches and braziers. The game is stuffed to the brim with helpful other items too, such as hammers to fix walls, keys to open doors, and even portal guns. Try to think clever, find the cracks in the wall, pass through and exit stage left.

The game can be controlled using either a joystick or a keyboard, and uses level codes to continue where you left off.

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