MSXdev’20: #04 – Yazzie MSX Remastered

  • Name of the game: Yazzie MSX Remastered
  • Game size: 32KB
  • RAM size requirements: 16KB
  • Genre: Puzzle Platformer
  • Individuals involved: Retro Souls & FRS

Here comes a new challenger! Yazzie MSX Remastered, and as the label “MSX Remastered” says, this is a totally rebuilt game made from the original Yazzie, which is ofcourse even more fun.

The target in the game is to collect all of the gold blocks in every level screen while avoiding enemies and traps. Also, we can use picks to make our way by breaking the floor. Finally, there are dangerous mines laying about, so take caution of those.

The initial first levels are quite easy – they are basically tutorials to get to know our character’s abilities, but after that everything turns out more and more difficult. 30 levels may not sound like much, but there is still quite some challenge in completing all of them.

As the list of improvements is quite large, we’ll just point out the most remarkable:

  • 10 more levels added
  • Redrawn sprites and different color palettes (MSX2 or higher)
  • User can make custom levels and play them directly in the game
  • Level load from disk
  • Now fully compliant to the MSX coding guidelines and passes both AcidTests
  • Severe bugfixing

You can read the complete list in the download file.

Downloads and updates