MSXdev22 #01 Shadow Switcher

Title: Shadow Switcher
Genre: Arcade
Author(s): RoboSoft Inc.
Medium: ROM 32KB
Hardware requirements: MSX1, 16KB RAM

First entry for MSXdev22 is in, submitted by Robosoft, who we’ve seen active in last year’s MSXdev21, offering no less than three entries. This time, it’s another classic-style MSX1 arcade game, yet in the style of King’s Valley, in which you will traverse platforms and collect items. Shadow Switcher is a clone of the original C64 game with multiplayer options.

In this game, dubbed Shadow Switcher, you and your shadow are dropped into a dilapidated place where zombie robots reign in blood. The goal is simple – collect all of the rings on the screen and exit through the gate. Meanwhile, you’re to avoid those zombies and that nasty electric lightning. One strike and you’re out, starting all over again.

Luckily, you have the magic ability to switch places with your own shadow. When in danger, press fire and swap, leaving the zombies confused. But that’s the deal with zombies anyway, right? To proceed through a door, just grab one of the keys which are conveniently present somewhere in the level.

This game can either be played solo or with 2 players. With 40 exciting levels waiting for you to be mastered, this game keeps you occupied longer than the queen of England sitting on her throne.


  • 1 player > keyboard or joystick port 1.
  • 2 players > player 1 uses keyboard or joystick port1, player 2 uses joystick port 2
  • Switch between shadow and player means also switch of control. New level means the other player starts.
  • ESC key can be used to restart level when stuck (at the cost of a life).
  • At every 1000 points one additional life (to a max of 9) is gained.

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Downloads and updates

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