MSXdev23 #29 Xelden Ring

Title: Xelden Ring
Genre: 3d action RPG
Author(s): Brain Games
Medium: ROM
Hardware requirements: MSX1, 16KB

MSXdev regular Brain Games strikes again! This time with an RPG action adventure named Xelden Ring. A fully 3D rendered MSX1 compatible game with unique features.

Continuing with his X-branded games series, author Santi aka Brain Games enters the MSXdev23 with a true MSX1 3D action RPG style. Leave it to Santi to come up with some sophisticated, highly technical, MSX1 game, as this one falls in that category. Although functionally a working game, it should be noted that this MSXdev23 game is still in development. The author is planning for a full release later.

Xelden Ring started as an ambitious project to see if it would be possible to create a first-person 3d action RPG as those seen in modern computers and consoles, but running on our classic MSX machines. Judge for yourself to see if this attempt is a succes. The game follows in the category of “happy world turned into hell when demons arrived”. Your job is clear, rid the world of the baddies and get the girl. You adventure begins in a town called Middlebridge. What follows is yet unsure….

We recommend that you take a look at the manual first, as the controls are quite complex. Good times!

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