MSXdev22 sponsoring – Pampas & Selene in the Maze of Demons

Game cartridge Pampas & Selene in the maze of demons – sponsored by unepic_fran

There are demons in the loot box, hiding underneath treasures. Pampas and Selene to the resque!

When Popolon and Aphrodite returned from their adventure and saved their unborn son, things returned to normal in castle Greek – home of the heroes. They lived a happy life as a married couple in their cozy castle, and raised their boy Pampas (or Pamparse) to be a healthy, good looking knight. But then, history repeats. Thirty years later hell breaks loose again at the mighty castle. It is up to Pampas to fight the demons and restore peace. Together with his sister Selene, they star in the game “Pampas & Selene in the Maze of Demons”, a fan-made sequel to MOG.

With high-end game graphics on MSX2 with a fabulous SCC soundtrack, the game Pampas & Selene in the Maze of Demons sure is a worthy follow-up of the immensely popular Knightmare II – Maze Of Galious game from 1987 by Konami. Not an easy task, but the team of UnEpic_fran did it nonetheless. The result is a modern game cartridge with SCC built-in, boxed with full color manual and stickers. Freshly released in 2022, this monster hit has also found a spot in the MSXdev22 Winners Loot Box.

If you are interested in UnEpic_Fran his work, you should definitely visit and see what the software house has to offer. They’re work span across multiple computer platforms, including MSX ofcourse. Or perhaps have a look at MSX Cartridge Shop where they do sell Unepic_Fran’s games.