MSXdev21 sponsoring – Freedom Fighter Mega ROM

A physical copy of ex-msxdev game “Freedom Fighter” – sponsored by Ro.

A physical copy of the MSXdev21 game Freedom Fighter enters the Winners Loot Box.

In the MSXdev20 edition, Giuseppe Ettore Pintus, aka thegeps, entered the compo with his Zanac-Style vertical shooter game called “Freedom Fighter – Rise of the Humans”. It scored pretty high – 5th place in a roster of 21 contenders, which is quite the feat for being the developer’s first title.

The author continued to work on the game and released it as a physical MegaROM cartridge a year later. This version differs greatly from the previously released MSXdev version. The main upgrades are:

  • It’s a fully enhanced version, which not only plays more smoothly, but has a lot of graphical content added
  • Contains 5 levels, 9 pieces of excellent music, 10 weapon upgrade levels, and 3 secrets (codes included in the manual)
  • Allows ship selection to play using famous MSX starships from Zanac, Twinbee, Hype, Star Soldier, and Star Force
  • Comes as a 192K ROM cartridge in a jewel case with full color cover

This game was added to the Winners Loot Box by Ro.

For those who would like a copy of Freedom Fighter physical edition; preorders are opened until July 15th 2021. Send an e-mail to to get yours.