MSXdev22 #21 Bounce Mania

Title: Bounce Mania
Genre: Puzzle
Author(s): Zett Darkstone
Medium: DSK 720KB
Hardware requirements: MSX1, FDD, KUN BASIC

Manouvre a bouncing ball through the maze in Darkstone’s MSX1 game called Bounce Mania.

The MSX system has a good set of simple but addictive games in its portfolio. You know, the ones you have fun with for an hour or two without complexity like drawing maps, keeping track of items, and so on; just plain fun. Lord Zett from Darkstone understands this concept, so he kept it simple while concocting his latest creation. With Bounce Mania, the only thing you need to accomplish is to steer a ball to the exit.

Admittedly, when it’s put like that, it sounds pretty easy, right? Well – sometimes, things aren’t as simple as they appear.

This game proves just that; there’s moments you want to pull your hair out of frustration when that fricking ball does exactly the opposite of what you ask it to do. The darn thing keeps on bouncing… where have we heard that before. Good luck.

Note: This disk image requires the KUN BASIC ROM added to the machine. In case you’re playing on an emulator, you might already know this as basicn21.rom.

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