MSXdev22 sponsoring – book: Modern MSX Basic Game Development

Modern MSX Basic Game Development – sponsored by Raul Portales.

A physical edition of the book “Modern MSX Basic Game Development” drops into the Winners Loot Box

Just like last year’s MSXdev21, Raul Portales, author of “Modern MSX Basic Game Development”, gives away a free copy of this book to MSXdev winners. As the title says, it is a book about programming BASIC games on MSX with modern tools like emulators, automated scripts, tile editors, MSX-BASIC-KUN, and others.

The 238 pages book is written in English and packed with practical examples, which are also downloadable as code. A great piece of work for anyone interested in programming in MSX Basic.

The book “Modern MSX BASIC Game Development” is available on Amazon on both paperback and eBook. A full color printed physical edition of the book is sponsored for this year’s competition by the author, Raul Portales himself.