MSXdev22 Results

The MSXdev22 verdict is in, and it’s fabulous. All 32 MSXdev22 submitted games have been carefully examined, judged, scored and finally ranked by the jury panel and we have a conclusion. So, ladies and gentle peeps, here are the results.

When the MSXdev22 compo started in Januari 2022, contestants had 9 months to forge an exclusive game for the MSX platform. Any piece of MSX hardware could be supported, as it was a “Freestyle” edition. As a result, no less than 32 new titles are in, ranging from MSX1 to all out MSX-extravaganza. What a ride!

Being a jury at MSXdev is not always easy. It’s fun, sure. But easy…? Judging a huge pile of new games in just a few weeks and having to write a descent report about it, takes a good juror to accomplish. Luckily, we did have such people. This year’s panel of three (3) MSX experts have done an absolute awesome job. They succeeded to have all games properly rated and ranked.

Right now, you’ll probably be like “just the facts, ma’am!” – Sure, sure, hold your jolly horses. Here we go!

With 572 out of 600 points, the award for the best overall MSXdev22 game goes to:

“Lilly’s Saga – The Stones of Evergreen” by Fabulous 8bit

Congratulations Fabulous 8bit with this outstanding achievement!

The jury was well impressed with this MSX2 tittle as they commented remarks such as “fantastic platformer”, “a pleasure to see this wonderful work offered for MSX”, and “very polished”. In fact, the panel was so impressed, they ranked this game not only number 1 on the overall ranking list, but also on Sound, Graphics, and Gameplay. This truly makes Lilly’s Saga the grand winner of this episode of MSXdev.

Perhaps needless to say, but of course all contestants of MSXdev22 have done a marvelous job and we congratulate every one, as you are all winners. It is you that have the spirit to carry on the MSX legacy and deliver new content. A deep bow to all of you.

The final report of MSXdev22 contains all jury scores and judgments, and also ranking lists of all games for all categories. You can find this report as PDF file, right here:

With a contest comes prizes, and we have some. As always, the MSXdev takes donations and accept sponsored items for contestants to win. This year’s donations add up to a marvelous 1660 euros, contributed by MSX fans from all over the world. Together with that, we have 17 sponsored items to give away. How’s that!

And with that, we hope you have all enjoyed the 22 edition of MSXdev as much as we have!

Before we go, we’d like to thank everybody – you, the MSX fan, for your endless support. All participants for joining. The jury members for their judging duties. The sponsors for their items. The donators for, well, donating to the cause. The magazines for their interest. MSXall and Konamito for the web-services. The File Hunter for his online game hosting, and last but not least, all those wonderful people who have influenced the MSXdev22 edition in any way. Could we also thank ourselves for hosting the show? Well, maybe we can 🙂

It has been an honor working with all of you.

Until next year – which is bound to be another exciting one, as MSXdev celebrates its 20th edition!

Signing off, with love:
John Hassink & Róman van der Meulen – organizing party of MSXdev22