Barbarian The Duel announced

  • Category MSX Freestyle
  • Name of the project / game: Barbarian The Duel
  • Game size / RAM size requirements for the game:
    • MSX2/MSX2+/MSXTurboR
    • ROM ASCII16 – 1024MBytes
    • 128KBytes VRAM
    • PSG or FM (SFX Samples optional with OPL4 (Moonsound or clone)
  • Game genre: Fighting
  • Name of the group: Bitvision Software
  • Individuals involved:
    • Fernando Garcia (coding)
    • Sergio “Spota” Santamaría (graphics)
    • Andrés de Pedro (graphics)
    • Óscar Centelles (graphics)
    • Roberto “Guantxip” Álvarez (graphics and illustrations)
    • José Ángel Morente (music)
    • Alastair Brown (testing)
    • Pablo “Pablibiris” Pallarés (testing)

The game is based on the famous and successful videogame Barbarian The Ultimate Warrior by Palace Software, released in 1987 on several popular systems (ZX Spectrum, CPC, Commodore 64, Commodore AMIGA, etc.). This project started on 2015 and allows duels “to the death” for 1P vs CPU or 1P vs 2P with 3 different characters: Bravos, Thara & Dim Knight.

The game has got all the 16 original techniques, and every warrior has 120 different animation frames.

This game will be extended with more enemies & stages, a proper ending, etc. eventually.

The authors decline any prize in case they are chosen as winners. This game enters in the contest just for fun.


Two gameplay videos have been published:

Barbarian The Duel (Easy mode)
Barbarian The Duel (Regular mode)