We have a jury for MSXdev’18 and the public poll is now open

First of all, we feel it is only right to apologize for the delay in the MSXdev’18 jury announcement. We’ve been working hard to settle everything. but we must admit that time rushed on us…
We, the MSXdev Team, suppose you all know the drill – sometimes real life just interferes with what we love most. We are no different.

Lately, it was hard to get our hands on the contest when needed. We were put before the choice of either rushing things and so, doing them reasonably good, or allocating all our free time to do it all at the best we could muster. We of the MSXdev Team trust that you will understand our predicament, and that we went for the latter option.

Having said this, we are proud to announce the names of the jurors for this MSXdev edition:

  • Gameplay category: Miikka Poikela (MP83)
  • Graphics category: Toni Gálvez
  • Sound category: Maarten van Strien (Wolf)
  • Polish/Overall category: David Fernández (Imanok)
  • Compatibility category: Manuel Bilderbeek
  • Originality category and additional remarks: All of the jury

They have a whole month to prepare their reviews and the final results will be publicly available on 11th April 2019.

At the same time, you can vote for your favourite MSXdev’18 game in the following poll:

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