MSXdev’18 – 11th entry: Barbarian The Duel

  • Category MSX Freestyle
  • Name of the project / game: Barbarian The Duel
  • Game size / RAM size requirements for the game:
    • MSX2/MSX2+/MSXTurboR
    • ROM ASCII16 – 1024KBytes
    • 128KBytes VRAM
    • PSG or FM (SFX Samples optional with OPL4 (Moonsound or clone)
  • Game genre: Fighting
  • Name of the group: Bitvision Software
  • Individuals involved:
    • Fernando Garcia (coding)
    • Sergio “Spota” Santamaría (graphics)
    • Andrés de Pedro (graphics)
    • Óscar Centelles (graphics)
    • Roberto “Guantxip” Álvarez (graphics and illustrations)
    • José Ángel Morente (music)
    • Alastair Brown (testing)
    • Pablo “Pablibiris” Pallarés (testing)
    • Rubén “Araubi” Sánchez Barros (testing)

Thara and Bravos must get ready to face the evil Arcomage, who devastated the Land of Shrikar several years ago.

They know it’s no easy task because their first real enemy will be the wicked Dim Knight.

Fulfill their destiny, gather your resources and join the battle!

Taken from the game manual

As previously announced, this entry for the MSX freestyle category is finally here. Accept the challenge to a gory duel against your opponent and try to survive!

This game works only on MSX2 and higher and features MSX-Music sound. On top of that, if you have an OPL4 cartridge you can even hear voice samples during the game.

Please remember that this game participates in this contest just for fun, meaning that the authors decline any prize in case they win one of them.

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