MSXdev’17 #04 – Tales of Popolon

  • Category: MSX Classic
  • Name of the game:Tales of Popolon
  • Game size / RAM size: 32KB ROM / 16KB RAM
  • Game genre: Adventure
  • Name of the group: Santiago Ontañón (Brain Games)
  • Contact e-mail: santi.ontanon AT

Santi Ontañón enters the contest with Tales of Popolon, a surprising raycasting game for first generation MSX machines. We take on the role of Popolon, a brave knight who is probably very familiar to most of us. Once again he has to fight against evil forces, this time by entering a castle featuring a 3D graphical perspective.

This game is open source. You can find the project at GitHub.


Game updated to version 1.3. Considered as finished by its author.

Final version submitted by its author.