MSXdev21 #2 – Bookworm

  • Title: Bookworm
  • Genre: education, reaction, typing
  • Author: Z80 ASMer
  • ROM size: 16KB
  • Registered: 20210222

From the creator of last year’s entry “Landing”, here comes another animal-themed game.
This time it’s an educational one, intended to train your typing skills with, partly inspired by MSXdev’06 entry “Word Invaders”. It’s designed to test you how well you can type under stress.

The author noted that there are a lots of hardware and software sprites on screen, at least 15), but that there will be no notable slowdown. Another thing that he would liked to bring to your attention, is that the game’s music is based off the sounds like those of bugs chirping, bees buzzing, and other insect noises. This last point also plays into the ‘stressful’ environment that the game tries to invoke.

Last but not least, the player can select whether to encounter MSX specific words or general words. Screenshots are attached showing using different word modes and difficulty levels.

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