MSXdev23 #16 Plastic

Title: Plastic
Genre: Simulation
Author(s): Z80ASMer
Medium: ROM 32KB
Hardware requirements: MSX1, 8KB

“I’m from plastic, it’s fantastic!” – well maybe not. At least not in the game Plastic, the latest offering from Z80ASMer. A game with an environmental theme that has you clean up the ocean. Get rid of floating plastic and reach the ocean floor.

This is a relatively easy game to learn, but more difficult to master. The purpose of the game is to guide the five-eyed starfish to
the bottom of the ocean and getting rid of rubbish along the way. Items like a trashcan, shield, turbo, and toxic waste can be found on your route down. Collect as many trash as you can, so the world will be a cleaner one thanks to you.

Control the giant star fish with cursors LEFT, RIGHT and DOWN. When a “turbo” item is in your possession, the descending speed will be increased. Reach the ocean’s floor with as many points as possible.

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