MSXdev’15 #02 – Ninja Savior

  • Name of the game: Ninja Savior
  • ROM size: 16KB ROM / 8KB RAM
  • Team: Relevo Videogames
    • Game design, GFX & code: Jon Cortázar
    • Music, SFX, testing: José Vicente Masó
    • Creative support: Ángel Sáinz
  • Game genre: Puzzle / Casual
  • Game website: Relevo Videogames

Second entry to the contest, made by Relevo Videogames: Ninja Savior, a classic arcade-like game.

There is an ancient tale about the old and peaceful village of Usuki in Japan.
One terrible night, the town was attacked by deadly ghosts and monsters.

To defeat them all and bring peace again, the Ninja Savior was summoned for
him to defeat the evil forces and save the village from destruction.

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