MSXdev23 #03 Uchu Yohei

Title: Uchu Yohei
Genre: Platform
Author(s): FranChesstein
Medium: ROM 128KB
Hardware requirements: MSX1, 16KB

Just two weeks after its doors opened, the third game enters the compo already with yet another platformer for the trusty good old MSX1 standard machine. Freestyle format or not, the MSX1 fortunately keeps its appeal to many developers. The game Uchu Yohei, by FrankChesstein, shines in its appearance and takes us on a futuristic and psychedelic adventure

Uchu Yohei presents us a very unique and fascinating graphical style, with cool animations and sound effects. A game that, at first glance, seems to be crafted from a platform style mould, but with a lot of exploration and added to the mix!

You are Uchu Yohei, the titular character, on an important mission situated on the space colony “TRAPPIST-1” in the year 4157. We can’t guarantee that you’ll get actual Trappist beer included with the game, but still we recommend that you try it out – especially if you’d like to be entangled in another interesting adventure game. The protagonist is assigned for clearing out the just inhabited planet of mysterious nuclear spheres that have a controlling feature on natural wildlife.

Dial into a graphically pleasing platform adventure that probably makes you sweat, swear, and banging your head against furniture for being so difficult and hard. Use cursor keys or joystick to maneuver, and the space bar or fire button to take out any bad alien.

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