MSXdev’18 – 3rd entry: Virus LQP-79 6

  • Category: MSX Classic
  • Name of the game: Virus LQP-79
  • Game size / RAM size requirements for the game: 48Kb / 16Kb
  • Game genre: Shoot’em up
  • Name of the group: Pentacour

This game is a port to MSX of Virus LQP-79 coded by Team-Arg for Arduboy.
Although it’s a 48Kb ROM (not very compressed), it’s a mini-game with about half an hour of play.

Save the three survivors of each level and escape through the door!



Download v1.0


  • Activated the three in-game musics.
  • In some machines, the first time the intro music sounded toooo slow.
  • A minor bug with the hearts.

Download v1.1

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