MSXdev23 #21 Last Escape

Title: Last Escape
Genre: Point-and-click adventure
Author(s): Fred Rique
Medium: ROM 128KB
Hardware requirements: MSX1, 16KB, (mouse)
Status: registered

You tried to save a planet. You tried to save cities. Now you must save yourself in this last part of the trilogy. It’s Fred Rique’s third entry in this year’s dev edition. This Mine Command sequel is a classic MSX1 adventure.

You were there for the orbital battle. Victory was never the question, but you gained time. Time for the people below. At the planet’s surface, you helped defend the cities. No victory expected there either, but you persevered and saved more people by pushing the inevitable forwards. Then… the bomb hit.

Now you are trapped in the engineering bunker, and the blast-doors are malfunctioning. The last escape pods are about to leave. You have to find a way out, you have to. This is your last exit.

This is a Point and Click adventure, so point… and click. Use keys, a stick, or, better yet, a mouse to get that happening. In case of keyboard or stick usage, control the speed with shift/fire2. The extensive manual will further help you find your way out of this classic MSX1 game.

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