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MSXdev21 #16 – Square Ball

Title: Square Ball Genre: Puzzle Author: RAY2DAY MSX Software, in co-operation with mafcase ROM size: 16KB Registered: 20210516 In a lot of media from the 1950s and on, we’ve been warned not to be a square. Who’d want to be one, anyway? Well, in this game, sometimes you actually do […]

MSXdev21 Jury Announcement

It is with honor and pride that we introduce the jury panel for the game contest! The jury will judge all MSXdev’21 entries on Gameplay, Graphics, Sound, Polish and Originality. This year’s panel is seated by five different jurors, each one concentrating on their own expertise, who will be judging […]

MSXdev21 #3 – Reflexion

It’s a very quickly paced reaction game, based on a PC game by Juho Pohjonen.
Flip the mirrors fast, but wisely in order steer the lightning fast projectile into the right directions, in order to clear the screen and reach the goal!

MSXdev’21 kicks off!

BAM! Just like that, the new MSXdev kicks off. This popular comp, which has been running since 2003, enters its 17th edition already. For the guts and the glory, you are welcome to join. So coders, on your marks please! The annual MSXdev compo ain’t no stranger to MSX regulars. […]