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MSXdev’20: #19 – Chambers of Thyrea 1

Name of the game: Chambers of Thyrea Game size: 32Kb RAM size requirements: 16Kb Genre: Sokoban-like puzzle Name of the individual involved: Spacesugar What an amazing MSXdev edition this year.Another title comes crashing through the gates as if it’s nothing, right before the deadline. And it’s quite a big deal, […]

MSXdev’20: #18 – Freedom Fighter 4

Name of the game: Freedom Fighter – Rise of The Humans Game size: 128Kb (ASCII 16 mapper) RAM size requirements: 16KB Genre: Shoot-’em-up Names of the individuals involved: Code: Pintus Giuseppe Ettore, aka Geppo, aka thegeps. Music and sound effects: Phaze101. Everyone frequenting the forums at the MSX Resource Center […]

MSXdev’20: #17 – Anchors Aweigh

Name of the game: Anchors Aweigh Game size: 160Kb (megarom, K5 mapper) RAM size requirements: 16KB Genre: Puzzle Names of the individuals involved: Manuel Martínez Another surprise entry, that’s based on the classic “Battleship” tabletop game. You know, where you have to guess the positions of the ships in your […]

MSXdev’20: #01 – Dot Attack 2

Name of the game: Dot Attack Size: 32KB RAM size requirements: 8KB Genre: Action Name of the group involved: N.O.P. Name of people involved: Maarten Loor Stephan Smetsers WLCracks Mark Verhappen Reindert Franke Any other information or related media that you’d like to share: Released at Beuningen 2020. Website address: […]

PWND 3 announced 1

The classic, tried and tested “Snake” game concept is still beloved by gamers of young and old age.Even MSXdev got a few visits from mister Snake.Apart from “Los Jardines de Zee Wang Zu” in MSXdev’06, the eighth issue of the MSXdev contest saw a fun little variant as well: “PWND“.Of […]