• Winner: Sink King
  • 16 games released
  • This edition obtained the appreciation of the MSX community and became a reference to all MSX users
  • The contest rules were extremely restrictive. Games were all 8 Kb long!

Original results by the only juror of this edition, Néstor Soriano, can be checked here.


Sink King

  • Team: Guzuta Raster Leisure
  • Game genre: Arcade
  • Format: MSX 8Kb ROM
  • File content:
    • ROM
    • Manual

Kralizec 8K Tetris

  • Team: Kralizec
  • Authors:
    • Ramones (programmer)
    • Sutchan (graphics and design)
  • Game genre: Tetris (original game by A.Pazhitnov and V.Gerasimov)
  • Format: MSX 8 Kb ROMAn extended version (including the battle 2 players mode) has been released in 2005 and is available on Kralizec website.
  • File content:

Kralizec Battle Tetris


  • Team: Kralizec
  • Authors:
    • Ramones (programmer)
    • Sutchan (graphics and design)
  • Game genre: Tetris (original game by A.Pazhitnov and V.Gerasimov)
  • Format: MSX 8 Kb ROMAn extended version (including the 1 player mode) has been released in 2005 and is available on Kralizec website.
  • File content:
    • ROM
    • Sticker
    • MP3 file from 2005 version

Eat Blue! 2004


  • Team: Paxanga Soft
  • Author: MSX Kun
  • Game genre: Puzzle
  • Format: MSX 8 Kb ROM
  • File content:
    • ROM
    • Manual
    • MSX Launcher (thanks to Saeba)
    • Additionnal levels
    • Sticker



  • Team : Guzuta Raster Leisure
  • Game genre : Shoot ’em up
  • Format : MSX 8 KB ROM
  • Videos:
  • File content:
    • ROM
    • Adapted ROM
    • Manuals
    • MP3 file




Soukoban Poket Edition




  • Author: Dioniso (Alfonso D.C.)
  • Game genre: Shoot ’em up
  • Format: MSX 8 Kb ROM
  • File content:
    • ROM + Manual
    • Sticker
    • MP3 file

Computer Wars


  • Team: Crappysoft
  • Author: Juanma Gómez
  • Game genre: Strategy
  • Format: MSX 8 Kb ROM
  • File content:
    • ROMS + Manuals (Spanish – English) + MSX Loader
    • Sticker + Set of Icons

Duck Hunt


Picture Puzzle




Factory Infection


  • Team: Karoshi Corporation
  • Authors:
  • Game genre: Arcade
  • Format: MSX 8 Kb ROM
  • File content:
    • ROM + Manual
    • Sticker + DVD Size Cover
    • MP3 file: Factory Infection Theme

Chocobo Racing


Mr. Chef & the Sausages


  • Team: Paxanga Soft
  • Author: MSX Kun
  • Greetings:
    • Saeba (ASM)
    • Robsy (scroll)
  • Game genre: Hand Held
  • Format: MSX 8 Kb ROM
  • File content:
    • ROM + Manual + MSX Launcher
    • Sticker

Snail Maze (demo entry)


  • Team: Karoshi Corporation
  • Author: Eduardo Robsy
  • Game genre: Maze
  • Format: MSX 8 Kb ROM
  • File content:
    • ROM + Manual
    • Sticker + DVD Size Cover
    • MP3 file
    • Solution (by BiFi)


Mini-game development competition

The goal of this competition is to promote the creation of new games for the MSX computer system, because nowadays the MSX scene is focused on MSX2 and higher computers, and the MSX1, the first generation, has been completly forgotten.

This is a new chance to join efforts and produce a new generation of games for the original MSX. Please keep in mind that the most popular MSX games were developed for the MSX1 computers: Nemesis saga. It is obvious that it is easier to code for the MSX2 computer, because its graphic capabilities are comparatively awesome. Would you accept the challenge of creating mini-games?

Format of the mini-games

Which is the most popular MSX1 media format? The answer is easy: game cartridges. So, the games for this competition should be in ROM format, and perhaps, one day, we could produce some new cartridges with them. Or, at least, use them with those FlashROM carts.

To make the things more interesting, all the games should be 8 KB sized ROMs and they should work on the lowest MSX configuration: first generation MSX, with 16 KB of RAM, 16 KB of VRAM, and PSG sound only. If you think that these requirements are tough, please consider that all the initial MSX games were like this: Konami’s first games were all 8 KB ROMs, as well as HAL Laboraty’s productions and some NAMCOT and ASCII games.

Inscription process

Just send an e-mail including the name of all people involved in the project, the name of the team if it exists, a name for the project (it can be different of the game title) and a contact e-mail address. It’s optional to include a web page with more info about the project or its progress. It’s also suggested to include a brief description of the game or, at least, the game genre (arcade, RPG, shootem’up, sports, simulation, etc.).
It is possible to participate with different projects, but every project should be registered separately.

Competition rules

All competitors should follow these rules:

  1. All games should be original games never published before. Do not send hacked versions of previously published games, please. Any suspicious game will be disqualified. Clones and remakes are accepted, though original games will be prefered.
  2. The games should be full featured final versions. Do not send beta- versions or include things “to be implemented in future versions”. We just want the final product.
  3. All games should be MSX compatible. This means that they should work perfectly in any MSX configuration: from MSX to Turbo-R. They will be tested and any non fully compatible game will be highly penalized in its score. The minumum configuration is the one descripted previously: MSX, 16 KB RAM, 16 KB VRAM, PSG sound only, no disk drive. Other features, like SCC/FM-PAC sound are neither suggested nor accepted.
  4. Games can be submited and published before the end of the contest. Test versions are allowed, of course, but they should indicate clearly its alpha or beta state. Please do not spread unconcluded games by your own: all the games should be distributed from this site. In addition, all contestants accept that all games are freeware. No money for MSX games!
  5. Every project should be send to the organization before 31st July 2004. It has to include the game in ROM format, a document in english with the full instructions and it is optional to include a game cover and cartridge sticker.

And that’s all, folks! Join now and start coding. Prize is increasing!

Jury and prizes

This time, to avoid some of the problems of MSXdev’03, the organization of MSXdev’04 has decided to select only one judge: Néstor Soriano, a.k.a. Konami Man. His reputation in the MSX community is excellent and he is one of the best MSX programmers around. He will do his best to evaluate all the participating games. His decision will determine the results of MSXdev’04.

The prize list is open: you can donate what you want, just to make the compo more interesting. Solidarize with MSX programmers! Learn more about the sponsorship system.

Please check out the status page to know how many projects are currently in development and the full list of prizes donated to the MSXdev’04 competition.

Misc data

If you are one of the MSXdev’03 sponsors and you want to retire your donation, please contact here. If not, the donation will be included in the MSXdev’04 prize list.

  • Eduardo Robsy Petrus, Karoshi Corp. (Spain) – donates 50 euros if there are less than 25 valid entries. If there are 25 or more valid entries [Néstor decides], a Panasonic FS-A1 GT Turbo-R japanese computer.
  • Ricardo Bittencourt (Brazil) – donates kit-ricbit, a CD containing all his original software for MSX (including source), plus it has all his development environment, compilers, assembler, and such, and lots, lots of documentation including electronic schematics.
  • Juan Alberto ThulsaDoom Milán Figueredo (Spain) – donates an external RAM mapper of 1024 KB.
    David Fernández, Imanok (Spain) – donates Cat’n’Mouse original MSX2 game.
  • Antonio Cano-Caballero Pérez makinavaja (Spain) – donates 10 euros.
  • Juan Luis MsxKun, Paxanga Soft (Spain) – donates two copies of MSX HotNumbers original MSX2 game.
  • Manuel Dopico, Moai-Tech (Spain) – donates FM-Sesion music disk and a copy of Moai-Tech fanzine.
  • Manuel Pazos (Spain) – donates Sonyc for MSX2+/Turbo-R.
  • Armando Pérez Abad (Spain) – donates KPI-Ball for MSX2.
  • Alejandro Corral Granados (Spain) – donates a GunStick light gun for MSX.
  • Hans Otten (Netherlands) – donates MSX-info pages on CD-ROM with lots of useful info.
  • Angel Carmona, Desgalitxat Club (Spain) – donates a MSX Collection Covers DVD and a T-shirt with an MSX image.
  • Calamar Group (Spain) – donates RGB SCART cable for Sony/MSX2+/Turbo-R.
  • Philip Pera, MSX Games Box (Belgium) – donates a T-shirt with special MSX artwork.
  • The Call MSX Staff (Spain) – donates two copies of Call MSX #2 magazine.
  • Julio Gracia París mesiasmsx, Moai-Tech (Spain) – donates Chaos Angels MSX2 original game by ASCII.
  • Arnau Castellví NapalMSX, Zona Neutra (Spain) – donates 40 euros.


#01# Sing King

Un juego que siendo simple, es rápido y adictivo. Y además, de impecable factura técnica.

Translation: A simple game but fast and addictive. Besides, the technical quality is impeccable.

#02# Kralizec Battle Tetris+ Kralizec 8K Tetris

Un clásico de toda la vida, revivido con maestría. Recomendable especialmente la versión de dos jugadores.

Translation: An eternal classical game, revisited with talent. The version 2 players is especially recommended.

#03# Eat Blue! 2004

Otro entretenido juego que puede llegar a engancharte fácilmente si no te andas con cuidado. ¡Qué rabia cuando te quedas sin energía a un paso de la salida!

Translation: Another entertaining game to which you can easily become hooked if you are not careful. You are very angry when you run out of energy not very far from the exit!

#04# Seleniak

Aquí tenemos otro juego técnicamente impecable; sonoro aplauso para la música de la presentación. Cuidado con los marcianos borrachos que van haciendo eses…

Translation: Another game technically impeccable music; big applause for the intro music. Beware as drunken Martians are attacking …

#05# Stratos

Este juego parece fácil, pero el coger determinados objetos sin que se te venga encima una avalancha de piedras tiene su intríngulis. Muy entretenido.

Translation: This game seems easy, but taking certain items while avoiding an avalanche of stones is complicated. Very entertaining.

#06# Soukoban Poket Edition

Otro clásico correctamente conversionado que puede proporcionar entretenimiento para un buen rato. ¿Quién ha puesto ahí esa pared?

Translation: Another classical game correctly converted and that will provide entertainment for some time. Who has put that wall there?

#07# T-Virus

¿Los enemigos que no matas restan energía? Interesante mezcla de matamarcianos y Arkanoid.

Translation: The enemies don’t kill the remaining energy? Interesting mix of shooters and Arkanoid.

#08# Computer Wars

Aquí tenemos algo muy original con sabor a juego de cinta de los primeros 80. Sólo le faltan opciones como “Iniciar revival” o “Organizar Ru”.

Translation: Here we have something original with the spirit of a game on tape at the beginning of the eighties . Only some choices like “Start Revival” or “Organize Fair” are missing.

#09# Duck Hunt

Perfecto para rescatar la pistola que tenías cogiendo polvo en el armario. Divertido, pero lástima que se hace un poco repetitivo.

Translation: Perfect for rescuing the gun collecting dust in the cupboard. Funny, but alas it becomes a little repetitive.

#10# Picture Puzzle

Juego ideal para mentes matemáticas. Al resto de la humanidad puede llegar a costarnos un poco cogerle el truco; aún así, la idea es buena.

Translation: Ideal game for mathematical minds. The rest of humanity will only be interested a little, but the idea is good.

#11# Gniffel

Muy curioso, se parece a aquellos juegos que se incluían con las revistas de hace un par de décadas. Apropiado para los viciosillos de los juegos de azar. Go for the PUNKTE!

Translation: Very curious, it looks like the games that came with the magazines a couple of decades ago. Good for fans of chance games. Go for the PUNKTE!

#12# Factory Infection

Lo mejor de este juego es la idea y los gráficos, es un juego bastante simpático. Lástima que al haber sólo una pantalla, cansa un poco pronto.

Translation: The best thing about this game is the idea and the graphics, it is a pretty nice game. Alas, there is only one screen, it’s boring after a little time.

#13# Chocobo Racing

Hum… un juego un poco… raro. Apropiado para nostálgicos del Decathlon y otros machaca-teclados, aunque se pasa un poco de simple.

Translation: Hum … a game a little … rare. Suitable for nostalgics of Decathlon and other mechanical keyboards, but it is a little simple.

#14# Mr. Chef & the Sausages

Un juego aún más raro, aunque la idea de imitar una LCD es original. Le falta poder coger el monitor con las dos manos y pulsar los botones de la pantalla con los dedos.

Translation: A even more rare game , although the idea is to imitate an original LCD. We need to pick up the monitor with both hands and press the screen buttons with the fingers.