MSXdev24 #05 Minas

Title: Minas
Genre: shooter
Author(s): Jose E. Robayo
Medium: Disk 720KB
Hardware requirements: MSX, 32KB

For the 5th entry of 2024 we have Minas (Spanish for Mines, if you were wondering) a time-attack shoot’em up of sort by Jose E. Robayo.

This game places you at the command of a cannon where you have to destroy the mines in the screen. You can also shoot at the ships for extra points, but don’t get distracted, there is a time limit for you to destroy all the mines. And that’s not all, you also have to be careful to not hit the sea life or you’ll be penalized.

In a fashion of classic shoot’em up like Space Invaders and Galaga, you have only one shot at a time, and you can only fire again once you hit something or the bullets gets out of the screen. All in all, Mines is a frantic Sea Shooter (instead of a Space Shooter).

And it even has a two player mode where you can compete with a friend to be the first one to destroy all the mines and get the most points within the time limit.

An MSX standard, supporting dual play with keyboard. Start from disk using the bload”minas.bin”,r command.

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