MSXdev24 sponsoring – MSX Pico

The MSX-Pico is a multifunctional Flash ROM cartridge that comes in various colors

Small in name, big in features

Dutch MSX hardware designer, Jeroen Taverne, has contributed a unit of his versatile MSX cartridge, the MSX-Pico, to MSXdev24. Don’t be misled by it’s name because this device boasts an array of functionalities, including hardware emulation, RAM, and flash ROM capabilities. MSX Pico is now in the winners-loot-box.

A few years ago, Dutch hardware entrepreneur Jeroen Taverne made a name for himself in the MSX community with his exceptional keyboard interfaces, which allow the connection of a standard USB keyboard to various MSX models. Last year Jeroen made waves with his new project called MSX Pico, a FLASH ROM device that hosts many more than just a ROM.

The MSX Pico is indeed a small little marvel boasting a plethora of features and hardware capabilities. For example, this single cartridge acts as host of several MSX sound emulators such as MSX Music including FM-PAC SRAM, SCC, dual PSG, and optional MIDI and includes a Stereo 3.5mm audio output port. It’s based on a Raspberry Pi Pico clone, equipped with 16MB of FLASH memory and 256 KB of RAM, has SD storage, and is compatible with all MSX generations.

The MSX Pico is available as a compact cartridge in a range of colors, and Jeroen has contributed a unit to the winners-loot-box – a superb piece of hardware for any fortunate recipient.

In addition to the MSX Pico, Jeroen Taverne offers a variety of impressive MSX hardware projects. For those interested in exploring further, you can visit his GitHub or reach out directly via email. Having an MSX-Pico unit in the winners-loot-box is truly remarkable – many thanks to Jeroen!