MSXdev24 is on!

It is with great thrill that we announce the 20th edition of MSXdev to be open! Once again, this edition of the game compo accepts all MSX compatible software in its “Free Style” format. For courage and glory, everyone is invited to join. MSXdev24 is on, yes sir!

Introduced in the year 2003, the MSXdev game compo challenges developers to create an original MSX game. The ongoing show, that delivered over 250 fresh MSX games in its run, is celebrating its 20th edition this year with yet another freestyle edition where any MSX compatible game is accepted. No restrictions on hardware, thus no limits on creativity.

The MSXdev24 enrollment program officially starts on May the 1st, 2024 and ends on January 31st, 2025. This means that you’ve got nine months to give birth to a contribution to this MSX game galore.

A compo wouldn’t be fair without a solid team of independent judges to score, judge, and rank the MSXdev entries at their best abilities. Every year, we strive to assign a competent set of well known and knowledgeable MSX people upon that task and this year is no exception. The MSXdev24 jurors are Santi, Gryzor87, WYZ, and Mumbly. You’ll read all about these gents in an upcoming news post.

As for prizes; the MSXdev relies completely on support of the MSX scene, by accepting donations and sponsored items. This tradition has fared well in the past and should be no exception this year. Come join the dev and donate to the cause. Push the Donation button to donate any amount of money, or contact the MSXdev team to sign up for sponsoring. To get started, we have already dropped some sponsored items in the winners-loot-box. How’s that!

And for you, developer, you are welcome to join MSXdev24 with any newfangled, crisp and unsmoked piece of 8-bit MSX game software. No fees, only fun. It should be clear by now that MSXdev is a very appropriate stage to showcase your skills and share your wonderful works with MSX lovers worldwide.

You will find all information regarding MSXdev24 on this dedicated page. Happy devving!

The MSXdev24 compo is dedicated to our dear friend Markus who passed away recently #4markus