MSXdev23 – Games Summary

On Sunday October the 15th 23:59, the deadline of MSXdev23 passed for participants to submit their games. In total we received no less than 29 new MSX titles this edition. Awesome! This year’s free-style theme, where any MSX model and expansion hardware support is accepted, resulted in a good mix of classic MSX1 and MSX2 games with a good variation of supported hardware. It is now up to the jury to rank all games and present their ranking list. We hope that you find this prospect as exciting as we do!

The MSXdev23 compo officially opened doors on February 15th 2023. Soon after that, the first games slowly dropped in, one by one. As usual, during the final weeks before the deadline, an eruption of submitted games lead to the impressive final count of 29 games in total. On top of that, we received a wonderful amount of donations and sponsored-items. The deadline for those donations and sponsored-items is November the 15th. After that, any received goods will automatically be reserved for the inevitable next dev edition.

As said, there are 29 submitted games, which we received from 23 different developers. These games where either delivered as ROM (23), and/or DISK image (6). From the total, 23 of them are MSX1 based, whereas the other 6 are (minimum) MSX2. With games received from various different countries, once more the international nature and appeal of the contest is emphasized.

It is now jury deliberation time. With an expert panel of three judges who will assess and score each game, the final ranking is scheduled to be revealed somewhere mid November 2023.

All submitted games, donations, and sponsored-items are listed on the dedicated MSXdev23 page. Go check that out if you’d like, and have fun playing all of these amazing new games!