MSXdev23 #25 Crawlers

Title: Crawlers
Genre: Party, action, arcade
Author(s): Pixel Phenix
Medium: ROM 48KB
Hardware requirements: MSX1, 16KB

Party time with this revamped version of the classic Snake game, allowing 8 party members to join-in. With no less than 5 available game modes, every one gets a chance to shine and become a Master Crawler, for guts and glory.

Who doesn’t remember the classic Snake game? It has been featured on countless computers and phones, having a gazillion users watching the snake grow as it eats crops. This is an extension on that concept, with multiple playing modes for a maximum party of 8 contestants. The author claims to be the first MSX game to allow 8 players competing at the same time on the same machine, using the Ninja Tap device. From training mode, to full death match battle mode, this new entry will have you occupied for the next couple of hours, for sure.

Follow the attached manual for exact instructions, battle modes and other trivia. A game for keyboard, joystick, and Ninja Tap devices. The game is on!

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