MSXdev23 #19 Woods Rat

Title: Woods Rat
Genre: Arcade
Author(s): Gamecast Entertainment
Medium: DSK 720KB
Hardware requirements: MSX1, disk drive

In the game Woods Rat you’re stuck in a maze of trees, collecting keys to exit your way out avoiding being ghosted. Another Gamecast Entertainment arcade classic MSX1 entry.

Persistent might be the right word, when talking about Gamecast Entertainment, as they keep on submitting games each dev edition. While most of them have the same concept, the scenery varies. In this one, you steer a rat through the woods finding keys to exit the stage. Meanwhile enjoying a bowl of noodle soup, or a well deserved ice cream dessert. What else would you expect from rats stuck in dangerous ghostly woods?

Insert coin at the title screen, to engage a 4-way scrolling screen to beat the high-score while enjoying some PSG background music. All that in your humble MSX1 computer.

This MSX1 game runs from a 720KB disk, using the PSG for sound output. Use the cursor keys or a joystick to walk.

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