MSXdev23 #10 Defuse

Title: Defuse
Genre: Arcade
Author(s): Gamecast Entertainment
Medium: FDD 720KB
Hardware requirements: MSX1

status: Disqualified from competition for uncredited code used without the permission of the original author (20230707)

Defuse is a hectic maze game, revolving around the player having to race against time to defuse explosives before they detonate. With their second game in the compo, Gamecast delivers the 10th entry.

Assume the role of Giancarlo Cartelloni and navigate several labyrinths to collect coins and get rid of those dangerous bombs. You will have to think strategically in what directions to take, as the precious seconds will tick away inevitably. Fortunately for you, between each stage, there’s a shop which gives you the opportunity to stock up on items that will help you on your mission.

Defuse is an MSX1 based four way scrolling arcade game controlled with either keyboard or joystick that comes in both English and Italian language.

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