MSXdev23 #05 Super Ory 2 – Enigma

Title: Super Ory 2 – Enigma
Genre: Adventure, puzzle
Author(s): Orazio Cacciola and Cristiano Polenta
Medium: ROM 512KB
Hardware requirements: MSX2

As sequel to Super Ory, Orazio’s Super Ory 2 – Enigma, is an adventure game with puzzles along the way. In this MSX2 game you’ll guide Ory, the hero of the story, on a journey through a wide variety of different vistas.

Summoned by princess Andromata, daughter of King Orund of Darkho, our protagonist Ory has been given the task to find the magician Arzak and solve the mystery of the king’s deep sleep. We can’t disappoint her highness, now can we. So, let’s set out and save the day – as heroes typically do.

In this rather unique, piece of MSX2 gaming experience, Italian authors Orazio and Cristiano take us on an a colorful and imaginative adventure. Expecting you to move from screen to screen, all the while solving puzzles, this game is not the easiest on its first playthrough. It’s a good thing that there’s some sight seeing along the way, as all screens are hand drawn and rendered in a true adventure style fashion, giving a fresh set of rooms and caves on each progression during the journey. For most of the screens, you have five lives to complete the puzzles.

The game is intended for MSX2 systems or higher, as it is displayed in screen 5. Use cursors, SPACE, and CTRL key to maneuver yourself through the screens. Or just grab your controller of choice, ofcourse. To get started, here’s a hint for the first room: move the hand to find the right book on the shelf for an exit. Enjoy the adventure ahead.

update 20230604; the download file now includes both an English and a Italian language version.

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