MSXdev23 sponsoring – 8bits4ever Emu-FDC

The Emu-FDC R3 by 8bits4ever is a Disk Emulator + Floppy Disk Controller for MSX Computers

Emulating old stuff with new hardware

What to do with those old disks laying around containing your beloved MSX software, but also hogging up precious space? Or what to do when your machine’s drive seems to have given in? Well, have no fear – 8bit4ever is here to fix all that. Their Emu-FDC cartridge solves all your floppy problems by emulating all those disks into one single solution.

As of yet, it’s in the MSXdev23 winners-loot-box!

The Emu-FDC integrates a floppy disk controller and a disk emulator packed into a single cartridge. The emulator reads floppy disk images from its SD card and mounts them so the system can access them, thinking it’s reading from an actual floppy disk. All in all, a pretty awesome device to secure ye olde 3,5″ disks with.  

The Emu-FDC is a small sized cartridge with an SD-slot on top and has an OLED display with control buttons to select disk images. The device is compatible with MSXDOS and contains Disk BASIC v1.1 in ROM, and it works on all MSX generations.

Thanks so much, 8bitsforever!

Find out more awesome classic computer hardware at the 8bits4ever web-site, their store is packed with cool MSX hardware.