MSXdev22 #32 The Circus Mystery

Title: The Circus Mystery
Genre: Platform
Author(s): DTenso Games
Medium: ROM 32KB
Hardware requirements: MSX1

In the platform game The Circus Mystery you’re fighting off aliens that took over, well, the circus ofcourse. Make the key appear at each stage and exit the door to save the entire joint from the extraterrestrial invasion. Those nasty space creepers will pay for their bad intentions.

Front row position on this MSX1 classic platform jumper. As a circus clown artist, working at a traveling circus show, your visit to the next town results in trouble. Arriving at the scene you notice some ugly looking space aliens messing with the fun parade. Dang it, destruction is at hand! We can’t let that happen, now can we?

You, happy camper, will take on this extraterrestrial fight and show those aliens that Earthlings won’t let invaders interfere with their affairs, especially when it’s circus business. The hostile aliens possessed the circus animals, so be careful not to hurt them too much. Jump and climb the innards of the tent to exit stage left.

Another multi-lingual game, letting you switch language in-game to either English of Spanish.

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