MSXdev22 #30 1937

Title: 1937
Genre: Platform, Adventure
Author(s): joesg
Medium: ROM 32KB
Hardware requirements: MSX1

A multi-lingual MSX1 game with both an English and a Spanish edition. In this platformer you need to run, jump and duck to get safely to the other side. Not an easy task, no sir. Bomber jets constantly soar through the skies, their engines screaming as they rip through the heavens, scourging the surface with their destructive carpet bombing. Their mission – to make sure you won’t survive, and that you will drop down into a pool of death and despair.

The Bombing of Guernica, Spain, 1937, was a worldwide atrocity which inspired many artists, among which the likes of Salvador Dali. This year, it inspired MSX developer joesg to create this entry. A solid title that wasn’t made for quick wins. A kid, lost and lonely in an infernal bombardment hell, has only one thing in mind; escaping this horror. With his hometown being demolished all around him, there’s little time to think. Just run…

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